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Encompass Technologies specializes in full color dye sublimation imprinting onto items such as mugs,  tiles, shirts, plaques, name badges, glass cutting boards, etc. 

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Encompass Technologies specializes in dye sublimation imprinting. We can take graphic files (yours or ours) created using most vector or bitmap based computer graphics programs, like CorelDRAW®, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator, or PaintShop Pro and transfer them onto mugs, name badges, tiles, t-shirtsawards and other types of media. These transfers are full color, permanent dyes which, unlike traditional screen printing techniques on cloth, will never crack or fade, can be bleached, and require no special handling during washing or drying, when applied to 100% poleyster materials. This technique also allows us to offer single item pricing and NO press setup charges (some art prep charges may apply).

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